Opening Night! I Got Nothin’

March 26, 2009 at 1:22 pm Leave a comment

La Zooeyjoseph_gordonlevitt

As if I have to tell you, the PFF/CF – or, as the site memorably puts it, the “True Cinematic Orgy for Ravenous Film-Lovers” – starts tonight, with two screenings of (500) Days of Summer, starring Zooey Deschanel (right) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (left, in the interest of fairness).

Alas, no screener was available for Summer, alleged by the program to be an “anti-romantic comedy.” (Uh huh. See it when I believe it.) However, like most sentient beings I have a silly crush on saucer-eyed hipster babe La Zooey. But then I also have a bit of a man-crush on Gordon-Levitt, who crawled his way through the fecund wastelands of the child acting-verse to become one of the very best thespians of his generation. (See: Manic, Mysterious Skin, The Lookout and especially, but especially, Brick. Also, he’s your forthcoming Cobra Commander.) I mean, seriously, I’m going to put the infamously shelved-then-dumped Killshot on my Queue as soon as the fest is over. Dude plays loose cannon partner to Mickey Rourke – how bad could it be? Right??

Anyway, the 6pm show at the Prince Music Theater is sold out (ditto the post-film hootenanny), but the site claims there are at least a couple 8:30pm tickets at the door. So get there ass-early…or wait till it inevitably winds up in a Festival Favorite slot on the last day, April 6. I’ll report on its quality tomorrow.


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