What I Peeped: Day Twelve

April 15, 2008 at 4:41 am 1 comment

Still way, way too disgustingly sick, but I did manage to once again pull myself together to, you know, sit in a comfortable chair and stare. (And write.) Hard work.

Kenny (Clayton Jacobson, Australia):
I may have an aversion to overly broad Aussie comedies (think Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Muriel’s Wedding; Love Serenade; etc.) but based on this and Lucky Miles, I have no problem with Aussie comedy in general. It helps that the titular protagonist – a heavy-set port-o-potty operator – is one of the most likable lead characters in the history of the nice guy. Unfailingly decent and only sporadically prone to self-pity, the “subject” of this mockumentary puts a nice spin on the usual mockumentary subject. Unlike David Brent or Alan Partridge, he’s not a deeply self-deluded twat and nor is he a magnet for embarrassing situations. Instead he goes through life, as stuck in a rut as are most of us, always failing to live up to his potential but generally talkative and always friendly. My god, I’m making this sound boring, but Jacobson’s performance is in fact as close to fully-rounded as you get, and the movie just follows his lead. Nice ornery chatter, too – must remember “It’s as silly as a bum full of Smarties.” I don’t even know what that means.

Choose Connor

Choose Connor (Luke Eberl, USA): I hate to blame this interesting but flawed debut on the fact that the director was 21, but I will say that Choose Connor – a political satire about a teen who discovers his local would-be senator is running a gay pedophile ring – feels way more in thrall to its observations than seems warranted. Steven Weber was apparently born to play blandly slick politicians, and while the dialogue written for him is convincingly vapid, Eberl isn’t exactly tearing off the roof by pointing out that congressmen ain’t exactly beacons of moral and ethical leadership. At nearly two hours it’s too much for too little, though who’s to say what some tightening up in the editing room could do? Also, nice use of circular pans and casual, unshowoffy long takes.

The festival-proper, sadly, ends on a downer: not the film itself but the fact that it was shown on video. Eberl claimed it was shot on beautiful Super 16mm. That would have been nice to see that, just as it would have been nice to see Alexader Sokurov’s Alexandra projected on its intended film and not video – just as it would have been nice to see California Dreamin’ on something, anything better than a fucking screener. Is this the future of film festivals or just this one?


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  • 1. Randall Berger  |  August 10, 2008 at 11:42 pm


    Smarties are a kind of M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces in Australia … so the humour is in the incongruity of the statement … “Silly as a ass full of M&Ms.”

    Some other memorable KENNY Quotes:

    “Busy as a one armed brick layer in Baghdad”

    “There’s a smell in here that will outlast religion.”

    “From the back she looked like a fridge with a head.”

    “Mad as a Clown’s cock”

    Australians love to speak in euphemisms and KENNY is a great Australian. He loves what he does. If you’ve seen WALL-E, that’s KENNY in a can.


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