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April 3, 2008 at 5:06 pm Leave a comment

Toot! You the Living's tuba player sounds off for the beginning of the PFF.

As the French say, ce soir le Festival de Film de Philadelphia commence! Granted, it’s only the one film: the geriatric singers doc Young@Heart, which plays twice tonight, will doubtless appear later in a Festival Favorites slot and will be released theatrically mid-month.

At any film festival the opening night is traditionally a populist crowd-pleaser, meant to engender good will more than express good taste. Even Cannes opened up their 2006 mêlée with Da Da Vinci Code, to the sounds of groans and titters. In the past the PFF has opened with such star-studded duds as Confidence and the Sly Stallone cardshark groaner Shade. (You’ve never heard of that one? Good.) The last couple years, though, have seen things take an improbable turn for the better, thanks to such respectable opening nighters as Alex de la Iglesias’ Ferpect Crime [sic] and the surprisingly winning spelling bee pic Akeelah and the Bee. But last year things regressed with the loopy but thoroughly unfunny The Ten, brought to life by a handful of State alums. Sorry, State heads.

It’s worth noting, then, that Young@Heart features no stars — just old-timers belting out songs spanning from The Clash to Sonic Youth to Fucking Coldplay. I’ve missed/skipped the advance screenings but personally and frankly speaking, this kind of uplifting warmly funny cuddly stuff is just not my cuppa tea, and my suspicions are exacerbated by the 107-minute running time. (What, doesn’t 20/20 do human interest stories anymore?) That said, this early in the PFF, I have an openness of mind and am wholly prepared for the possibility that my pants may be effectively charmed off. Bring. It. On.

6:00 and 8:30pm, Prince Music Theater, 1412 Prince Music Theater.
$15 for film/$55 for film and post-film suare, held at the Park Hyatt, 19th floor, at the Bellevue on Broad and Walnut. El vino will flow!


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